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21st June 2018

Stormy Daniels releases sketch of X-Files villain, claims he threatened her for Trump

Stormy Daniels, former professional prostitute and the mainstream fake news’ most recent pop distraction, comes forward with a sketch of the man she claims threatened her on behalf of Trump.  Unsurprisingly, the sketch strikes an uncanny resemblance to fictional X-Files villain.  Unfortunately for Stormy, CNN and the rest of the fake news industry, that villain was (a) a bounty hunter, (b) an alien, and (c) not real.

Of course, Stormy was neither assaulted/threatened by an X-Files alien foe nor by Brian Thompson, the actor who Stormy described in great detail to a sketch artist.  Take a look at the eyes, lips, cheeks and other facial features.  But, don’t hold your breath waiting for the faux media to ask any tough questions about this entire facade.

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