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21st June 2018

OIG Report on Misconduct by FBI Deputy Director (frmr) Andrew McCabe

Read the actual report the mainstream media conveniently omits from their stories.  I spent the morning seeing how many honest MSM sites provided a link to or otherwise provided the original OIG report.  Only Fox News came close, though they refer to a scribd hosted version of the file, which is entirely unnecessary since the document is public information and can be found (with some patience and persistence) buried in the mass of government-provided documents.

Why doesn’t the media link to the document?  Because, they are not news media.  They are propagandists.  They act more in the role of cult enforcers than journalists.  They truly believe, as they have openly told us so many times since the 2016 election, that it’s their job to look through the facts and tell us what the truth is or is not.  If this sounds like the actions and behaviors of an ideological cult to you, that’s because it is precisely that.

More in-depth analysis of this developing story coming soon…


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