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21st April 2018

The Information War

   In the current times there is cause for great alarm. A systematic oppression that was, up until recently, cast aside as pure conspiracy theory threatens the very Democracy we as Americans must cherish. The ideology that the mainstream media was attempting to control with their narrative rather than simply presenting information was chalked up to foolishness and shear paranoia. Then the 2016 Presidential Campaign began. In the past, the signs were there, but it theoretically couldn’t be proven. Bias is a strong urge to overcome, and as human beings we are far from immune to such feelings. Bias is not exactly a bad thing, but like all things, it can go too far. The mainstream media outlets dropped the facade during the course of the 2016 election, and now something needs to be done. If something is not done and we allow those with the power of news to continue abusing said power, there will be a constant threat of misinformation. The twist of the truth results in us as a populace losing the information war.

   At the start of the Nomination race, various outlets deemed Donald Trump a non-factor. The tone they spoke and wrote of him was as if he was out of his league, declaring a run at the presidency for publicity, and that under no circumstances would he receive the Republican nomination, let alone the presidency. With Donald not holding prior office that is a somewhat reasonable approach if you failed to educate yourself on what Donald Trump, the citizen, had done. This alone wasn’t enough to convince me that there was a serious problem with the MSM (mainstream media). What followed as the Trump Train began to pick up steam, however, was. As the race began to heat up and the projections placed Donald Trump in the top five of sixteen candidates, more outlets began to apply pressure. The rhetoric of him being unfit for any sort of public office was repeated through the echo chamber, but as the nomination began to seem like a lock, a tipping point was reached. Looking at Donald Trump more seriously, the false narratives began to flow through like a dam breaking into the homes of millions of Americans.

   This was where it became extremely evident that the MSM had gone beyond bias, beyond reasoning. Contorting the truth is a very dangerous thing, especially if you have the kind of reach that the MSM does. Which ever party you identify with, however you choose to think, it’s important that the truth remain objective. The complete and utter truth is the table cloth upon which everything else is set. Pulling that table cloth results in everything after that becoming broken and useless. Factual information has never been more of a commodity than it is in the present day. The Democrat-controlled MSM threw every progressive-minded insult and the kitchen sink at Donald Trump, and people fell for it. To this day people still believe these half-hearted attempts at derailing his campaign. If that isn’t a testament to how much power the MSM has then I don’t know what is. If you are one of those people, go do some research yourself. Find out who Donald Trump the person really is, and then explain how these empty accusations add up. Racist, homophobic, and misogynistic all without real factual information to back these claims up. When you seek the truth about those accusations, I regret to inform you that you are going to find quite the opposite.

   The biggest issue is not that the MSM, or the Democrats for that matter, attempted to ruin their opponent’s campaign. Opposition research is nothing new to politics, and frankly it is something that I support. Opposing candidates have a lot at their disposal, and if somebody is going to hold office they should be properly vetted. The issue is the imbalance and lack of impartiality of the MSM. The 2016 Election was the perfect storm to expose the stranglehold the Democrats have on the MSM. With an absolutely horribly corrupt candidate in Hillary Clinton on one side, and a politically incorrect, no-nonsense businessman on the other, the media’s servitude was plain as day for those willing to do the research. The MSM did everything within their power to kick under the rug any negative information of the Democratic nominee (and boy was there a metric ton), all the while regurgitating nothing but labels and easily debunked accusations of Donald Trump.

   It was painful to watch, but in the end the truth prevailed. The MSM was exposed for the slaves that they are, polling Hillary Clinton at a 88-99% in every “national” poll you could find. The end result was nowhere near that, yet no explanation has been given for this discrepancy to this day. After being exposed, the MSM would surely recognize they had been made and revert back to providing unadulterated news. WRONG. To this day the charade has continued, and that brings us to why you are here today reading this. It’s about time something changed. We The People deserve the truth. We The People deserve a voice.

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4 Responses “The Information War”

  1. RPN68
    14th April 2018 at 12:44

    To this day it amazes me that effectively no one in the mainstream media has reconciled how their supposed “scientific surveys” and other “facts” resulted in so large a miss. The same is true of Brexit.

    This, if nothing else, objectively demonstrates that the mainstream media are no longer a Fourth Estate of objective journalism. They are nothing more than corporate-funded activists and propagandists.

    This has been going on for a while now. The 2016 US election and Brexit were by no means the first examples. The housing bubble, supposedly “no one predicted”. Yet, many of us were blogging and documenting it in detail years before the implosion. Pre 2007, we were called “conspiracy theorists” or “jealous bitter renters” (despite most of us actually being homeowners). After the collapse, we were called “broken clocks” who happened to get it right just that one time. –just one example.

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