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New York Times hires bona fide racist to editorial board

The failing New York Times, once considered the national newspaper of record, has fallen so low in the Trump derangement era that they decided it was advisable to hire on Sarah Jeong to their editorial board.

Sarah is a racist.  Not just a hyperbolic, you-disagree-with-my-opinion sort of “racist” like the neocommie left enjoys labeling roughly 80% of the country.  Rather, she is an actual, bona fide, literal, textbook, racist.  But don’t believe me.  I’ll allow her own misguided social media bloviations to speak for her:

If you’ve made it this far, you are about to be treated with a rare rant.  I generally prefer to endeavor to keep my writing professional, even if provocative.  However, this calls for some injection of raw emotion.

Sarah is not only a racist.  Sarah is an opportunistic fraud and hypocrite.  Asian women, in the United State, usually come in second, only behind Asian men, in terms of educational and economic outcomes.  There are a variety of reasons for that fact, most of which are a testament to the power of our great system of meritocracy and opportunity in our great country.  Nowhere in Asia do foreign-born, non-Asian men or women enjoy anywhere near the same chances or outcomes.

More locally, within my gilded Silly-Con Valley community, white men (being boys in this case) are presently coming in 4th, behind Asian men, Asian women, and Indian men, roughly tied with Indian women.  Further, non-Asian and non-Indian boys in general are increasingly less likely to seek attendance to or be admitted to college.  They also suffer markedly higher depression rates and suicide rates.  Nonetheless, virtually no support networks nor other resources exist to address these irrefutable facts.  And, most of us simply accept the situation because the entire issue of “MRAs” has been politicized and weaponized such that we do not dare openly advocate for our boys out of fear of being branded racist and misogynist.

Yet, along comes this feckless coward who can barely pen coherently structured prose, however is somehow adept at disgorging overt hatred against an entire class of people simply based upon their skin complexion.  And, for that, she is awarded a seat on the Editorial Board of the New York Times?  Meanwhile, young boys, many of whom are white, nearly all of whom have been dutifully taught to behave properly on the internet and in the world, have this personified hate movement demonizing their fathers, brothers, uncles, teachers, grandfathers and any other role models while being told they, too, are worthless, worthy only of living underground in caves, and due for cancellation.

You, I, or anyone else outside of the elite bubble of circle-jerking assholes who run the media would be isolated, publicly shamed, fired, and rendered unemployable for having a public record similar to this woman.  She decides what is appropriate “news”.  And we wonder why the Fourth Estate is burning?


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