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c|net blames social media companies lack of moderation for falling user rates

In a recent c|net article, Ian Sherr (faux journalist) assembles numerous words in an article that concludes the reason users are abandoning social media platforms is simple:  lack of stern moderation.  This from the same publication that claims, unironically, “intolerance is taking over the internet”.

We here at the Postmedia Network shall provide you with the actual reason social media platforms are seeing falling active user rates.  Yes, it has to do with demographics — Generation Z are, after all, on course to debut as the single most conservative generation since the grandparents of the Millennials.  (Let that sink in for a moment).  And, as we all know far too well, conservative and libertarian-leaning voices are routinely and systematically the victims of censorship and intolerance on social media platforms.  And, yes, social media is currently embroiled deeply, some would say too deeply, within the present political melee.

But those are not the reasons active user rates are falling.

Social Media is Cancer

Tobacco usage rates began falling well before public policy, regulations and related laws appeared to control the growing realization that cigarettes were cancer.

The people knew before they were told what to know.

The same thing today is happening with social media. It has been happening now for a while. Social media is cancer. Similar to cigarettes, no amount of usage can truly be considered safe even though, technically, small amounts of exposure strictly regulated over time aren’t conclusively dangerous. However, because of the intentionally addictive nature1 of the product, usage within the safe range of consumption is not considered realistically manageable.

Why is social media usage declining?

The people know before they have been told what to know: Social media is cancer.

1Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products.  Eyal, Nir.  2014.

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