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Introducing our first free Internet Tool: protecting your privacy

Introducing our first, free, internet tool for protecting your privacy:  PrivateBin.  You’ll find these tools under the “Privacy Tools” menu item, under the header.

About PrivateBin:

PrivateBin is a fully open source PasteBin (github source).  It is a fork of the original ZeroBin project by Sébastien Sauvage, which has been updated for security and feature improvements.

It basically functions exactly the same as PasteBin with an added layer of anonymity in that server operator(s), hackers or other spying eyes cannot decipher what you have pasted.  That is because your pastes are encrypted using 256 bit AES encryption by your client, and stored on the server as encoded files.  A unique URL is rendered, which you can copy and then paste into an email, text or chat to send to whomever you wish to share the paste.  You can also set a password for access for an added layer of security, as well as a self-destruct timeout, including burn-on-read.

This is the first of many free privacy tools which we will bringing to you.  Check back often.

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