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21st June 2018

Facts About California Illegal Immigration

Share this video.  Help take our beloved California Republic back from the brink. Illegal immigrants are 11% of the California population, however they are responsible for: 22% of all murder 18% of all fraud 33% of all money laundering 29% of all drug trafficking 72% of all drug possession convictions   In California, illegal immigration


Stormy Daniels releases sketch of X-Files villain, claims he threatened her for Trump

Stormy Daniels, former professional prostitute and the mainstream fake news’ most recent pop distraction, comes forward with a sketch of the man she claims threatened her on behalf of Trump.  Unsurprisingly, the sketch strikes an uncanny resemblance to fictional X-Files villain.  Unfortunately for Stormy, CNN and the rest of the fake news industry, that villain

The Information War

   In the current times there is cause for great alarm. A systematic oppression that was, up until recently, cast aside as pure conspiracy theory threatens the very Democracy we as Americans must cherish. The ideology that the mainstream media was attempting to control with their narrative rather than simply presenting information was chalked up to foolishness

1984 happened. Welcome to the post-media era

1984 has come and past.  Likely, many of you were not even born by the year for which that early, dystopian title was written.   Much of what was pondered in that work has since come to pass.  Similar is true of peer titles, from Fahrenheit 451, to Player Piano, to Brave New World.  In the

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SSL security coming soon

A brief update to let you know that we will be installing SSL security on the site in the next couple of days.  When that happens, the URL will change from http://postmedia.net to https://postmedia.net.  If you have saved a bookmark for this site, you will need to edit or re-save with the new url.