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New York Times stand behind racist editorial board pick, Shapiro defends

The failing New York Times officially weighed in on Sarah Jeong’s inexcusably racist history:  they stand behind her 100% because <insert arm waving sophistry here>.   Translation:  Sarah’s politics align with ours, so we have determined her victim points for being Asian outweigh her demonstrated history of racism and harassment.  Despite empirical evidence refuting the premise of


New York Times hires bona fide racist to editorial board

The failing New York Times, once considered the national newspaper of record, has fallen so low in the Trump derangement era that they decided it was advisable to hire on Sarah Jeong to their editorial board. Sarah is a racist.  Not just a hyperbolic, you-disagree-with-my-opinion sort of “racist” like the neocommie left enjoys labeling roughly


Introducing our first free Internet Tool for Patriots

Introducing our first, free, internet tool for Patriots, Powered by Patriots:  PrivateBin.  You’ll find these tools under the “Powered by Patriots” menu item, under the header. About PrivateBin: PrivateBin is a fully open source PasteBin (github source).  It is a fork of the original ZeroBin project by Sébastien Sauvage, which has been updated for security



Join our new wiki documenting the epidemic of modern-day Yellow Journalism.  Even better, join the effort and help contribute to a growing repository of knowledge, powered by patriots. https://yellowjournos.com


The Fifth Estate :: Powered by Patriots

The Postmedia Network is an independent platform which supports patriotic, free speech, citizen-journalism. The mainstream media and traditional journalism have failed.  Once, the Fourth Estate was integral as an unofficial branch of the realm, keeping the formal powers of government and leadership in check.  No more.  Today, they have become active partisans.  They have returned

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